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BENEFITS OF ASPHALT PAVING in the Denver Metro area

Unlock the myriad of benefits with our premium Asphalt solutions! Asphalt offers a sleek, professional appearance and is renowned for its durability and resilience, standing up robustly to the heaviest of traffic and harshest of weather conditions. With its quick installation and curing time, your business operations experience minimal disruption, ensuring you are back on track in no time.

Furthermore, its low maintenance requirements and cost-effectiveness make it an economical choice for your paving needs. Opt for Asphalt – the reliable, economical, and efficient solution for a smooth driving experience!

Asphalt is the material of choice for paving parking lots and roads across the world because of its abilities. It can withstand heavy loads, it is durable and extremely cost-effective. When asphalt is installed correctly and properly maintained, it will last for many years.

New asphalt not only improves curb appeal but also makes it safe and easy for motorists and pedestrians to navigate your property if applied in combination with freshly painted signage and striping. It also increases the durability and longevity of your paved surfaces.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to asphalt paving. rePAVE has the experience and tools to help you determine the best solution based on your paving needs.

commercial Asphalt paving

Full range of applications and mixes for your specific project needs.


Site Preparation


The existing surfaces should be structurally in good condition and able to drain water properly to proceed with asphalt installation and paving. There are circumstances when repairs and surface leveling may be necessary before asphalt installation.


ASPHALT Installation

Asphalt is installed with an asphalt paver to get an even, uniform layer. The new layer of asphalt is compressed with a roller that drives behind the paver to create a smooth finish.


Once the paved area is cured, it can be painted with parking stripes, crosswalks, directional arrows, handicap spaces, and speed bumps if required.

Existing pavement

From minor repairs and re-striping up to fixing severe distresses like potholes, cracks, and washouts. We offer several maintenance services, based on whether the emphasis is on repairing distress or preventing them before they happen.

Preventative surface

Improve the quality of your paved surfaces and extend the overall lifespan. We treat your parking lot before there are visible signs of distress. Preventive surface treatments fill micro-cracks and protect against the damaging effects of sun exposure.